Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-02/27/2024

Journal Entry


There is no shortage of challenges in federal prison. From learning to adapt from the “real” world with different schedules, lockdown times, limited contact with family, few freedoms, and almost zero rights, there is no shortage at all. The physical changes and lack of freedom can be challenging, but the biggest challenges I believe are the constant and consistent “NO’s” that you receive when trying to follow administrative remedy on just about everything the BOP does that tramples the First Step Act and the flies in the face of the statutes approved by Congress to allow you for earned time credits, good time credits, increased use and transparency of furloughs and compassionate release. In their minds, the BOP is never wrong, even when you show them via the statutes and their own Federal Rules how they are not following the law. I have submitted paperwork via the program statements for administrative remedy, FSA credits, Good Conduct Time, and compassionate release and received a “NO” at every level. If you don’t know this going in and don’t get used to how they play games with the “justice” system, then it is enough to depress you and make you mad and make you give up. But I refuse to lose, even though I know I am right and they are wrong. I will not stop fighting for my legal rights and to keep them from keeping me incarcerated one day more than they legally can. That is a violation of the law and even if all the levels of the BOP and even the courts don’t want to stop those violations, I will not be deterred in stopping them. You cannot beat a person who refuses to quit. I will keep challenging them with every legal means I can.