Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-02/18/2024

Journal Entry

Creative Canvas:

I have been thinking about this for some time and I want to create a class or program where I can teach college students in business classes, maybe even high schoolers, about the dangers of breaking the law or following those who are doing it or being a part of it. As a white-collar criminal with a wire fraud offense, I know what people should and shouldn’t do when it comes to managing money. In the business world, especially in medium to large companies, there are so many stakeholders that are involved and “want” money. The business or company needs money to operate and grow, the bankers need money because they want to grow their business also and they probably lent some money, the owners and employees need money because that is what feeds, clothes, shelters people, the customers need money for the same reasons, the vendors and suppliers need money for the same reasons above, and the government needs money to operate and collect taxes and such. So many people are involved in transactions and it’s very complicated with regulations, loan covenants, laws, tax laws, technology, online banking, wire payments, bitcoin, bank accounts, and so on. It can get convoluted and the bigger the business the more complicated it can get. I want to take all this information and opportunities for people to stumble and make mistakes, whether intentional or not and simplify it down to where they have a thought process that makes sure the processes and steps they take to transfer/receive money, etc. is within the law and done the right way. I believe this course would be most beneficial to people before they get involved and maybe even to some people already working and handling money in their daily jobs. This week, I will draft a course “syllabus” as a first step to move on from just my idea.

Shane A. Smith,