Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-01/22/2024

Journal Entry

I define success differently than the world does. It’s not judged by the amount of money, fame, wealth, or power you have. It’s not about titles and “being on top”. Success to me is living the life that you want to live and that makes you happy. If you are happy at your job and with what you do every day, you are successful. If you are happy with where you live and who you live with, you are successful. Success is in the mind and in the heart of a person. Good and happy feelings are success to me. And when you can do things that help other people be happy, healthy, and improve, that’s just piling on the success on top of success.

When I came to prison and during my time here, my goal is to get out an improved, better person. I feel the daily work spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally has helped me to be a better person. Am I where I think I should be??? Nope, so I will continue to work to be that person that God wants me to be.

Shane A. Smith