Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-01/18/2024

Journal Entry

The record I have built since being sentenced to prison is one that should advance me as a candidate for an earlier transition to home confinement because:

  1. I have participated in and signed up for every single evidence based recidivism reduction program and productive activity that has been offered at this institution.
  2. I have requested from staff to have other programs offered that are not currently offered.
  3. I have remained incident free
  4. I have memorialized every activity of every day on a monthly calendar that tracks not only my daily credits for participating in FSA programs, but also show the days I am on wait lists for programs on my Needs Assessment per unit team.
  5. I have volunteered and mentored other inmates.
  6. I have maintained multiple jobs since my arrival in prison.
  7. I have studied the laws, procedures, newsletters, legal guidelines, program statements so that I can follow all requirements of a law-abiding citizen.
  8. I have maintained my FRP payments.
  9. I have facilitated bible study and other programs for inmates since staffing is so low.
  10. I have maintained relationships with my family, my support team for when I am released.
  11. I completed and have an approved release plan on file.
  12. I have a job waiting on me upon release to home confinement, along with a letter in my file as confirmation of that job.
  13. I have requested through administrative remedy the credits that are being offered now with the FSA, both GCT and FTC’s.

Everything I do, everyday is geared towards me improving myself and showing the BOP, the courts, and the probation office that I am ready for release to home confinement.