Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-01/12/2024

Journal Entry

Just like Michael, I have also turned my days into building blocks that strengthened me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I try to do one cardio session and one strength training session every day, no matter the weather. I have logged over 600 miles on the camp track in 20 months and have turned to body weight CrossFit type training also. I invest in the batteries in the commissary so I can listen to uplifting, encouraging music on the radio, specifically channels that broadcast sermons, gospel, and new religious music. I read things that are both entertaining, but also positive and I take courses that help build me spiritually, daily reading of the bible and writing down positive verses that I read to myself when I need a boost of positivity and strength. You can turn your time into building blocks that strengthen you in so many ways and when you are back in the world, you will be that much better for it!