Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-11/22/2023

Journal Entry

Response to Task – Reflect and Project for publication in profile for Shane A Smith #58920-177:

Three positive actions taken toward post-prison goals:

  1. Have secured full employment and received a formal offer letter from a future employer and added to my prison file.
  2. I have developed a business plan for a prospective business that I hope to launch after prison and after I am back on better financial footing.
  3. I have been brainstorming ways to maintain the physical fitness level achieved so far and to pair that with workouts with my son.

Three more steps I plan to take in the coming months:

  1. File 3582 motions with the court to reduce sentence so I can start working on those post-prison goals sooner.
  2. Develop a curriculum for teaching a “Business Law” class to higher education students from the perspective of what NOT to do regarding business and various laws.
  3. I will work more on my outline for the book I am working on.