Journal Entry: Sergio Petroni-08/23/2023

Journal Entry


First things first. TRANSIT SUCKS!! I don’t care what anybody says I feel that is the worst part about being incarcerated. Anyway, they moved me from MDC Los Angeles to Mendota FCI. As soon as I arrived I found out that I had to quarantine for a week. The same day I left quarantine the facility went on lockdown for another week. So yeah that’s why I haven’t been able to do any journal entry. But going forward I want to make it a habit to start journaling a little something everyday.

Day 1 The Yard

I have been stuck in a building (MDC) for over a year. No sun. No fresh air. No NADA. Here in Mendota FCI it’s hot as sh*t!! I’m talking about the sun is beaming to the point where if you put your hands on the concrete to do a push-up. You are coming up with a hand full of blisters. And yes of course I did that. Not only did I get my hands full of blisters, I feel like I got 3rd degree burns all over my body! Cause you know I didn’t want a farmer’s tan so I took my shirt off. SMH All bad. So after my brutal burns, I decided enough of the yard Let me go check out the rest of this joint. What I found out is they have connections with California Coast College. They only offer associate’s degree. I have already been looking into Adams State University but keep getting the run around with them. I sent transcripts to Adams State and was hoping they would contact my father to get the ball rolling. If not I’m going to just jump in the California Coast classes. Tomorrow I am going to the Education Department to introduce myself and get more information.

Till then have a blessed night.

Sergio Petroni