Journal Entry: Sergio Mike Petroni-12/11/2023

Journal Entry

Lockdowns, lockdowns, and more lockdowns…

Other than constantly being on lockdown in this facility. I’ve been working very hard on my education. Taking each day to work on building new skills. Like Michael Santos said in today’s entry. ” Education and self-improvement play a pivotal role in this transformation” That’s exactly what I’ve been focusing on. I recently have been completing college English and Math classes through correspondence from Adams State University. I also registered for a Philosophy and History class coming in January. I know that this transformation is going to take time but I look forward to every step of it. Building resilience is what it’s all about as well. Living in the environment of prison you have to be ready for difficulties. I’m very happy to be a part of the community and wish all the best to everyone involved.

Sergio Petroni