Journal Entry: Sergio Mike Petroni-10/30/2023

Journal Entry

Overcoming Adversity

Each day I learn more and more about the challenges that come with serving a lengthy prison term. Making responsible decisions to avoid contact with certain individuals, avoiding politics and negative behaviors. Learning to read the environment to prevent including myself in any more trouble. My decisions have to be on point in order to succeed. I learned to use other leaders’ (Michael Santos) experiences to go forward productively. I must program myself to work diligently and stay focused. Every day I will work toward a better future.

Free Time

Recently I have been focusing on my reading and writing comprehension. I’ve found a book called ” Triple Your Reading Speed: The Proven Self-Study Plan” By Wade E. Cutler, which will help me learn to read faster and comprehend what I read better. Being able to understand what I read is a huge factor when it comes to education. I’ve already noticed changes in my reading speed and techniques.


100 pull-ups
100 dips
500 push-ups
200 squats