Journal Entry: Sergio Mike Petroni-03/01/2024

Journal Entry

Adjusting to Challenges

After reading the message that was delivered on the 26th of February by Michael Santos it has me thinking of the situation I find myself in now. Recently, the facility I’m currently serving my time at has been on lockdown for training purposes. Obviously, being locked in a cell gives a huge disadvantage to all my obligations. Having to learn to adjust to the circumstances helps me become more adaptable and accountable to continue pursuing success. For example, reading over the chapter of my English class I’m assigned and completing each assignment. Also, taking at least a couple hours out of my day to spend on learning more equations with Math. Lastly, I’ve been working on my lessons from Michael Santos’s “Preparing for Success After Prison”. Each subject will help me continue to evolve in time so that I’m more likely to complete the goals I have set for myself.