Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-12/13/2023

Journal Entry

Wearing the ankle monitor is a trip. Nobody really notices it unless they stare (but people do notice it occasionally)…. one of my favorite things to do is make up some wacky story to tell people when they do notice.

Yesterday I was walking out of the gym and my ear bud dropped out. I bent over to pick it up and this lady was waking by and she remarked “oh wow, I have never seen one of those, did you get in trouble son?” Now based on her response I thought she could handle a light joke in response. I told her (paraphrasing)
“my parents had grounded me (& made me wear this) back when I was in high school and I have never taken it off.” She was stunned/horrified….seeing her reaction & feeling terrible bc my Mom somehow knows everyone in Sacramento & if this gets back to her I’m a dead man….I quickly told her I was kidding (I have wonderful parents, which most of you know). She eventually laughed & told me “you should always listen to your parents,” so I’m not entirely sure she knew I was kidding but it had a happy ending.

My attitude with this stuff …. And this experience…. Is somehow…someway….you haven to have fun with it. Being embarrassed is part of it. Ha….we missed saving ourselves from that embarrassment opportunity by going to jail.

I have had some Hilarious responses to my ankle monitor accessory….I had a guy I was bantering with come up to me and tell me “we aren’t gonna need you as the getaway driver for the job tom nite…..clearly you have a propensity to get caught.” I had an ex felon offer to help me “cut it off,” (not sure if he meant the monitor or my foot). I even had a funny exchange with a married couple where I told them “my wife made me wear this.” (Im not even married). The husband was great he asked where he could get one for his wife….I told him they were available at “Sharper Image,”. It was epic his wife fired back “I’m getting my husband one,” & started trying to look it up on her phone. We were dying….I ended up explaining my situation (we sat down on chairs in front of my PT office). After telling her the 5 min version of my crime she understood getting the monitor was bit more complicated and you probably would need to go to jail to get one.