Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-11/27/2023

Journal Entry

I keep getting asked this question. “I heard staff/inmates don’t like RDAP….is this true? At first I used to give a mellow answer but then some people called me out for being too careful in my response.

So here is my straight answer …. NO Staff does not like RDAP. Inmates don’t care if you are in RDAP. They will make fun of RDAP….but that’s to be expected.

Here is my favorite story to highlight staffs love of RDAP. When I first arrived at the luxurious Fresno halfway house you immediately dive into a mountain of paperwork with a staff member. We were about an hour into the initial interview & he says (and I’m paraphrasing). “shit….I forgot to ask are you in RDAP?” I said “Yes,” I am in RDAP. He was surprised. He tossed his pen in the air and laid back in the chair & exclaimed “well that was a waste of time.” He then asked “if I was like most Rdappers and hopped up in meth?” WHAT??? That’s cold. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding with me or not but I told him I don’t mess with that stuff. He rolled his eyes. He immediately stopped doing my paperwork and grabbed gloves (every innate knows the glove grab indicating at best you’re getting tested or something less fun….). He instructed me to go into their testing bathroom. Then he got into story mode…. telling me stories about Rdappers…that more then any other inmates that arrive get immediately sent back. His crack analysis is because being in RDAP gives you a free pass to be high the whole program (it might suck what he said …. But let’s be honest… he lying? For some inmates….his statement is true). He further rationalized his response by stating RDAP participants don’t get tested until they get to halfway houses & then they get booted bc they never kick the drugs.

So In conclusion staff likes to test all RDAP participants before beginning the ridiculous amounts of paperwork you do switching custody designations…. Bc we are more likely to fail … WHAT? RDAP….you need to work on the PR campaign.