Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-11/23/2023

Journal Entry

Ironically I know an interesting story about Thanksgiving. Since in its own odd way it applies to my core belief on how to handle some things within the BOP… I will share it.

The “Mother of Thanksgiving,” is a woman named Sarah J. Hale, she was an influential writer in the 19th-century. Hale tirelessly advocated for the holiday we know as Thanksgiving. For over 15 years, Hale wrote letters (almost daily) to politicians, including presidents, urging them to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Her efforts finally paid off when President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863…Lincoln was trying to foster unity during the Civil War (so this idea of a holiday came in handy). Hale’s persistent campaign was legendary…she literally bugged every politician she could think of (writing them letter after letter advocating for this holiday)….it became a status symbol as a politician (“did you get a letter from that Women HALE?”). Now the BOP is not in the upper echelon of anything in my opinion but I love the idea of someone demonstrating persistence for years.

EVERYONE is One day closer to being out with your family.