Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-11/17/2023

Journal Entry

Depending on who you speak to….the head counselor at Leavenworth prison camp has been gone for a minimum of 4 months (but really I think it’s closer to 6 months). Most inmates are claiming over 6 months, but why exaggerate when you don’t even need to. How is possible for an integral part of staff to be gone for that long? Do you know how important a counselor is to an institution? He takes care of legal mail, visitation, ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDIES, to name a few functions. There is no substitute, only he can handle certain things. So all the stuff he oversees has basically just stopped. The other counselor (there are 2 at the LPC) is not happy about it either but instead of helping he just yells at anyone who is not on his caseload that asks for help.

Now just so everyone has all the facts….he is also the union rep….which gives him godlike powers to come and go whenever he sees fit. He can excuse any absence with the unverifiable statement that he had a union duty. But 6 months of not a single appearance is spectacular job performance. Inmates try to explain it to their loved ones who can’t get visiting forms approved and it’s almost unbelievable. Imagine you just get to prison and you try to explain this situation to a loved one (most likely your credibility is already shot). All those forms, all the BP’s (which are time sensitive), legal mail, now likely need to be started over. Friends, family (children) are not getting approved because he’s not there to do his job. Unbelievable. So of course your thinking go to his boss, (Warden Hudson or Ms. Main – 2nd in command), there has to be some accountability….NOPE. There answer. “Sorry there is nothing we can do.” Try filing a sensitive BP 9 or have family members call Grand Prairie. Absolutely unreal. When I retire I want to get a job as a camp administrator. Watching grass grow daily is a more taxing job.