Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-11/11/2023

Journal Entry

We had a ton of new people check in to the HRC. They were asked to fill out general question forms that rate how they feel about certain situations or experiences. These answers are important…they determine how they program. What classes will be suggested, what ones will be mandatory (spoiler alert- you are going to be taking classes).

The written assessments are important….you need to be careful….it’s tempting to give honest answers about your experiences….and/or sprinkling in some sarcasm. One of the questions asked “did you feel you were given educational opportunities while incarcerated?” Or “did you feel staff made themselves available for questions/concerns?” I MEAN CMON. How do you answer that question seriously? Keep in mind these are very formulaic questions so they can trap you into being suggested for classes YOU DONT WANT TO TAKE. Classes that justify the HRC’s existence. So if you go off and reflect on how big a joke these questions are staff will score you based on your attitude/reaction (not on the quality of the answer). Passionate answers will be used to suggest you need to take the classes like anger management. Coming in late or complaining about your job or class workload will garner a suggestion for time management group/class.

In class this week I was working on an assignment named “thinking about my relationships,” where you give updates on your closest relationships. I wrote I would like to spend more time with my friends. I explained that I want to take trips the minute I’m off paper (no longer on probation). I thought this was a simple answer but also honest. The feedback I received from group & the teacher (staff) was that I should try now. Knowing the actual hurdles I’m facing (mostly BOP) I replied I would think on it. The next meeting I had with my case manager she told me staff thinks, based on my responses I should take a time management class. I politely reminded them that me driving an extra 2 (1 hr to get to the center & 1 hour back) hours a day 3 times a week would be the biggest obstacle to me managing my time effectively. Just get me to January 13th.