Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-11/02/2023

Journal Entry


This leads me to my first bit of unforeseen drama here at the halfway house. My accountability logs (my method of pushing for medical treatment) were seen by my roommate and several other inmates. There was an audience for one of my encounters, and of course they loved seeing someone assert themselves with staff. So it was not surprising to see others attempt the same. After all I am not the only one who needs to see medical. Well over the last few days, multiple people went in and did the same thing to staff (tried documenting that staff is denying them treatment). I’m not sure they convinced staff they were as serious as me but I know staff didn’t like inmates taking this aggressive approach . So In a very strange way (unofficially yet officially) I was asked to not discuss my methods of seeking treatment with others. Now that was an awkward conversation. It was actually worth the blowback on me to see staff having to consider what to do next. When pressed for a response I very much enjoyed staying silent & acknowledging what they said but not answering on what I would do moving forward. Good stuff. I enjoyed law against helping people…there is a better chance of the sun not coming up tomorrow then me helping them dissuade other inmates from advocating for themselves (especially when these are basic rts./services we are supposed to receive but don’t).