Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-10/31/2023

Journal Entry

My thoughts on going to prison with some connections (people who you can be introduced to).

I have my own intro story similar to @Scott Laney (the original Scott). I spent a month…A MONTH….trying to track down one of 2 people I was told about prior. When I finally tracked him down & introduced myself he shook my hand and walked off. WHAT???? Now I learned 2 things that day. One, people don’t shake hands in prison (they fist bump) …also he was a germaphobe. Two, some people want to do their time in a very specific way. This guy, who is actually a great guy I caught on a bad day, was very particular about who he hung out with. He spent 90% of his time in his room…..he didn’t want to meet people at this part of his journey (which is ironic because at the beginning he did…he was very well liked at the Camp…but by the end he was burnt out). The analogy I will give is this…”have you ever traveled by yourself?” (Something I personally recommend for everyone). The reason I tell people to do it is because when you travel with family/buddies you don’t force yourself to meet new people (you hang with your tribe). When you have easy options you don’t feel the need to work harder (play easy games, win easy prizes). Now I do think having a resource of knowing someone at a camp can also be super comforting. It was helpful to me prior knowing I would know someone. There were two community members (who now I consider close friends) that came to Leavenworth while I was there and I did everything I could for them….&…I know they will do the same for others. They bonded with my Dad @Donald Carperprior while preparing for there journey (which to me is amazing and one of my favorite parts of this community….the different ways we can give support). One even writes his own newsletter, which is hilarious. But ultimately I agree with Laney, it’s beyond stressful and of course you want to control as much as possible prior, but no matter who you meet the control of your journey is up to you. Get in shape, write, teach, read, journal, whatever….but DOCUMENT it (Prison Professor Talent Bio, Website, emails, journals). Find whatever your passionate about (in there, Ha) & crush it. Avoiding IDLE TIME (staying busy) is the secret to surviving prison. That’s the one part of this whole mess you can control.