Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-02/05/2024

Journal Entry

Should you bring ID when you surrender?

I wanted to expand on my answer during the master call yesterday (2/1 Thursday). A community member asked the question about bringing original identification (drivers license, social security card, etc) with them to surrender. My advice was save the originals. Bring copies (or an expired/duplicate license). I have yet to hear of someone trying to get into prison that didn’t have an appointment. So if you have some proof of who you are they are going to believe you. The ireason I caution people bringing originals is because over the past 3-12 months the information I have gotten back from the majority of people who surrendered with this important documentation was that getting it back was difficult at best. I can speak from personal experience also….I brought everything with me to surrender and despite numerous attempts & multiple instances of being reassured i would be given everything back I didn’t get a single piece of property back. As you have undoubtedly have heard there are Staffing shortages across the BOP. Camp secretary is an essential staff memnber who usually facilities your exit process & this is one of the positions that remains empty. This staffing shortage means people who don’t usually do this kind of stuff are being asked too. With fewer personnel, the administrative tasks, including facilitating your leave (providing you all your property when you leave) is not occurring.

Why does it matter? One of the first things your halfway house will require for both work & leaving (passes) is for you to have an ID/Social security card. If you don’t have it your first appointment where you are able to leave will be going to get these essential documents. That can take days/weeks. Your new case manager at the halfway house will tell you they will contact your institution and get your property for you before they allow you to reapply (they are unlikely to get it back & that attempt process is just another potential delay towards you getting to the next stage of your freedom). So having your original ID/SS CARD, etc…..ready when you get out can be very helpful and save time. hope this helps.


Should you bring your ORIGINAL ID/Drivers License/Social Security Card when you surrender?

I wanted to expand on my answer during the master call yesterday (2/1 Thursday). A community member inquired about bringing original identification (driver’s license, social security card, etc.) when surrendering to your institution. My suggestion was to bring copies or an expired/duplicate license. I have yet to hear of a person who is surrendering to there Institution doing so without reason (they know you are coming & if you are supposed to be there you shouldn’t expect problems with them letting you in).

I caution against bringing originals. Over the past 12 months, feedback from individuals who surrendered with crucial documentation revealed difficulties in retrieval. Personally, I brought every piece of documentation for my surrender, despite repeated attempts & multiple reassurances I would be given everything back, I didn’t receive any of it.

Staffing shortages across the BOP contribute to this, with essential positions like the camp secretary remaining vacant. Consequently, administrative tasks, including providing your property upon departure, face problems due to personnel shortages.

Why does it matter? The halfway house necessitates an ID/Social Security card for work and when you want to leave. Without these, your initial appointment post-release will likely involve obtaining these essential documents, causing potential delays lasting days or weeks. Relying on the halfway house case manager to retrieve your property from the institution is uncertain and could further impede your progress.

Having your original ID/SS CARD ready upon release can be immensely helpful in saving time. Hope this clarifies.