Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-01/03/2024

Journal Entry

For the most part the consensus is that the halfway houses are not great. They are an awkward transition that is essential for those that need to save some money and begin again. For those that have family or a place to go it’s an unnecessary step that is incredibly boring.

Can you imagine being in prison for 15 years and then trying to navigate a new world with a cell phone with which you are unfamiliar, a transit system that has changed, stores that are brand new. All in the four hours you have been allotted on your pass (navigating buses & metros is hard enough). I am reminded of Brooks in Shawshank redemption who poignantly cannot adjust to the outside world (of course without the suicide part). I stayed in contact with Hinton while he experienced this & it was stressful for me. I can tell you for certain it was stressful for him. How do you establish a bank account without ID? How do you get an ID without money? How do you explain to a potential employer that although your a felon you will work your ass off….so all you need is a chance? The questions (and what if’s) are dizzying.

It’s fantastic to be able to talk to these friends normally…it is fascinating to hear about each persons journey. From finding jobs to navigating the city. Boredom seems to be the biggest obstacle & the continued BOP bureaucracy.

I am hoping all of them have a fantastic 2024. This year will hopefully be better!!!