Journal Entry: Scott Donald Carper-12/01/2023

Journal Entry

Letter I wrote to my judge today


Hon. Cathy Ann Bencivengo
U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of California
U.S. District Court
221 West Broadway, Suite 4165
San Diego, CA 92101

Dear Honorable Bencivengo:

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to provide an update on my progress since being granted home confinement and to express my deep gratitude for this opportunity.

Throughout my journey through various levels of incarceration, I have continuously strived for personal growth and redemption. I am proud to share that I have recently secured employment, marking a significant step towards reintegrating into society.

Furthermore, I am actively engaged with multiple groups dedicated to assisting justice-impacted individuals. Organizations such as Earning Freedom, Prison Professors, and White Collar Advice have allowed me to contribute positively by sharing my experiences and offering guidance.

One of the most fulfilling endeavors I have recently begun assisting is “Project Rebound” with Sacramento State’s Criminal Justice Department. This program focuses on transforming formerly incarcerated individuals into scholars through mentoring, academic resources, and career development.

The transition from Leavenworth’s camp to a halfway house and now to home confinement has presented challenges, but I am eager to compensate for lost time. I am resolute in my commitment to never disengage from efforts aimed at improving the lives of inmates and preparing them for successful reintegration into society.

Reflecting on my journey, I have invested the past year in personal introspection and growth. I even wrote a weekly newsletter from Leavenworth Camp detailing my experiences (it’s all on a website I created…. Im actually beru proud of it (i had no idea how to build a website….but I managed). This reflection has allowed me to address the areas in which I previously faltered and has reignited my determination to be the best version of myself.

These newsletters generated such a buzz….news of my achievements and renewed commitment to personal growth reached California, resulting in potential employment opportunities (potential employers came to visit me at the camp). I was even offered the possibility of a scholarship to OSU (Oklahoma) to attend law school. Something I will consider.

Regarding my impact at Leavenworth Camp, I had the privilege of assisting numerous inmates with legal challenges, including matters such as divorces, wills, real estate, & appeals. Moreover, I was honored to be elected as the CORE CHAIR for RDAP. RDAP is the program you recommend me for….CORE CHAIR is the highest leadership position among the inmates within the residential drug program. This responsibility allowed me to contribute significantly to the program’s success. Additionally, I was chosen to deliver the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony. If you were to contact the Drug Treatment staff, including Ms. Katz or Dr. Kerivan, I am confident they would attest to the exceptional dedication I put into RDAP. Taking my role in RDAP seriously resulted in profound personal changes and meaningful transformations.

This past week, I commenced work with an advertising/marketing company, and I am determined to excel in this role and make the most of these opportunities.

I have always encouraged fellow inmates to keep their judges informed of their progress, and I felt it crucial to extend the same courtesy to your honor. I genuinely appreciate your time in considering this update, and I hope my progress serves as encouragement. Some of us earnestly endeavor to rebuild our lives after significant missteps, and I am determined to be among those who succeed.

Thank you for your attention, and I remain committed to my ongoing rehabilitation and contribution to society.


Scott Carper