Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-07/28/2023

Journal Entry

July 28, 2023
Wake up sometime after 7 am. I’m still working on the transition from counite time to BOP time. I’ve been working hard at keeping track of recording my progress in meeting long-term goals. I have found after picking up “earning freedom” by Michael Santos The order of my goals has changed. I’m moving my goal of furthering my education to the main focus of my early incarceration. 2) being physcial\mental committed to an exercise plan. With a workout partner to hold me accountable. 3) Being a positive member of the community I live in. And helping others find this new sense of freedom. 4)Maintain a spiritual relationship with God 5) Continue to be present in my daughter and girlfriend (Sarah) life.
Today is the 3rd day of temps. reached 100 degrees and the AC unit failed. The walls and floors are sweating water and it’s very uncomfortable. My workout partner and I are taking today off. I found myself consumed with the book. I relate to almost everything Mr. Santos is writing. I picture his voice as I lift the words off the page. For the first time, I sense a new level of intimacy, I feel a connection with having never met Mike which is unfamiliar to me! I know without a doubt that I want to strive to be the best version of myself. I always had a fear of failing, but Mike gives me hope and a sense of purpose. I could sit here and type every thought and feeling I’m filled with every time I sit and post. It’s easier for me to express myself on paper, the only problem is only I can read it. My writing sometimes feels like a giant run-on sentence. I’m patient with this process but also very determined to apply and commit myself fully

Thanks for being there