Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-08/21/2023

Journal Entry

I had a great visit with Sarah over the weekend. I’m grateful to still have Sarah in my life.
While I was still free I was not faithful to Sarah or my family. The values I thought I held were being violated daily. Honesty, being a man with integrity, and putting family first went out the window the minute I picked up meth. I would ignore these important values. I would become clouded with the illusion I still held them. I thought I was still providing for them but I was not.
On one occasion I remember having a conversation with Sarah about my use. I told her I couldn’t stop until I had enough money to provide for Laila, Her, and I while I was gone. That amount of money increased every month and the using kept me outta the house. I chose meth\life style over my family at that moment. When I was arrested everything I thought I was working toward was taken away. I felt like I lost my family in that moment also.
This is the second time in Laila’s life I have been incarcerated. I want to use this time and apply myself to develop the tools and skills I’ll be able to use when I am released. I want to be a beacon for those who are struggling with addiction and who are on the verge of destruction.
In the past, I have been able to acquire multiple years of recovery. However, when people, places, things popped up I didn’t use tools I learned previously. I am still waiting to receive any material prison professors have to offer. I’ve read the book “Earning Freedom” and also wrote the book report.
Fci Thomson has been a challenge to get your literature, I’ve been taking ACE classes and will update you guys on the completed course. I’ve also been keeping up on my weekly goals and journaling has been a helpful tool to look back on. Thanks for being there sincerely Scott Dobbelaere