Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-08/17/2023

Journal Entry

3 Things to do today:

  1. Spend 2 1\2 hours in devotion with God\Bible.
  2. Exercise 1 1\2 hours.
  3. Go to education.

Today we are back to normal operations here at USP Thomson. I’m excited Sarah will be making the 6 1\2 hour journey to come visit soon. As will be my Parents and Daughter. I’m not sure of the date but I’m confident it will be in the next month. It’s one of the things that inspire me to stay on this course of change. Being able to physically touch my family will help fill the emptiness I’ve been feeling.
Devotion was spent reading the book of Judges from the old testament. It comes after the life of Joshua. God’s people continue to fall into the worshiping of idols And being ruled by the people god promised would help conquer. God came to a point of telling his people to call out to the gods they worship…While reading this I was able to relate to these people, I find myself in prison because of my sinful nature and the lack of self-discipline

Exercise…My hamstrings are sore and have been for the last 2 days. I have been able to run through the pain and will continue to. I’ve been pushing myself and have been able to run greater distances throughout my hour and a half. I want to be able to fill the whole time with running by the end of this year.

Education is a slower process than I thought would be. I’m on the waiting list for all my FSA needs. However I’ve completed ACE classes as follows: How the stock market works, Art of public speaking, USP Algebra Part 1, Mastering fundamentals of math, Earths changing climate. I’m currently in Leave cash love credit. The one FSA class I’m in is through rec and it’s for a softball league.
I’ve been writing lengthy journal entries and will only be publishing 1 a week. Also, the book report I wrote after reading “Earning Freedom” turned out to be 9 pages so I’m going back through it to try and shorten it. Just to keep down on the cost on my end. I’m very excited about what’s to come from this.