Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-08/07/2023-Unprepared

Journal Entry

It’s the 7th day of this lockdown! It’s the first of many to come throughout my sentence I’m sure. Through this lockdown, I’ve completed the book “Earning Freedom” by Michael Santos. I started my first book report. Having never really applied myself much in life, I’m feeling overwhelmed at regretting many choices I’ve made earlier in life. This book has prompted me to start taking steps at earning my freedom.
During this lockdown, I’ve also learned I must lean into my spiritual relationship with God. Using the Bible as a tool to develop this spiritual guidance and direction. I want a better understanding of what God will do for me. I enjoy reading from the new testament. I must remain still and quiet to hear his word for the direction and what spiritual gifts god has given me. And this lockdown has given me the opportunity to create such a place.
If I’m feeling unprepared I must use this as a teachable experience. I failed to load up on educational material for this lockdown through that god opened a book that has always been with me! It’s a book of instruction that I can use every day.
I’m taking longer and slower while writing so I can read it clearly when the time comes to transfer it here. I will continue to challenge negative thoughts with thoughts of love and kindness. I will continue to educate myself to earn a new freedom and conquer my addiction and criminal behaviors.