Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-07/30/2023

Journal Entry

I’ve been locked up now in the BOP for 30ish days. After almost completing the first of many books prison professors have to offer I’m looking at brainstorming my first long-term goal and defining success behind it.

  1. I like to further my education in my previous field of work in construction. I’ve completed an apprenticeship program through the carpenters union logging 7000 on-site hours and 4 years of classroom schooling. These create college course credits and I’d like to see how they transfer over. 2 more years of construction management should give me a degree in that field.
  2. I like to be a drug and alcohol counselor with almost 30 years of in-the-field experience. I feel I’d be a great counselor. this is how I will approach each of my long-term goals. I ask myself does this reflect and lines up with my release plan. Are these reasonable and attainable while locked up.

Reading About Mike’s life gives me hope and a great sense of purpose. I feel discouraged and deflated not receiving the kind of support Mike received while building relationships but I know I’m still early in this process.
I want to conquer the vises that keep me coming back to prison. My life moto will be “My best is yet to come” With this I will continue to grow and evolve into being the change I want to see