Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-07/26/2023

Journal Entry

Today I’ve been reflecting on what brought me to Prison Professor and how this community affected and impacted me and my family. On my first day in counite jail, I found myself broken and reaching my new bottom. Why did I allow this to happen and not use tools and strategies I learned while the last incarcerations. I felt like I failed myself at being a father, productive member, and role model to other recovering addicts. I’ve always looked at myself as a beacon to give others hope.
So while in counite jail a program called Edovo showcased Mike Santos’s programs and webinars all of with I participated in. Even though the format to answer questions was frustrating I still completed all the material. While working through it I found a lot of similarities in the way Mr. Santos did his time. It has now inspired me to continue to keep on digging and discovering new tools I can apply in my life to be successful. My network will be one of those tools I hope to expand and help others develop these tools and strategies to apply them in their life.
I couldn’t figure out how to contact Prison Professors while in counite, however, my girl friend who has been one of my biggest supports of these changes help me get in contact with them. She has also watched and listened to the podcasts and it has given her hope. She continues to be the support I need while doing this 150-month sentence.
Today my biggest advisories are those who work here at USP Thomson!!!! Its transition into low security has been a challenge on both ends. I’m not wanting to rock the boat but also I want to be as present as possible and show my face. They have no answers to questions and seem to have never heard of Mike Santos or prison professors which baffles me