Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-07/25/2023

Journal Entry

Today I continue to work at lowering my recidivism score by attending and participating in ACE classes. The class I’m currently in is “Leave cash and love credit” IM learning how to rebuild my credit and even start my own business to establish credit.
I will also apply for a hobby craft permit and order my first order of seed beads to create things I can sell in the outside world to help with the cost of living while away from home. The class they offer here is also an FSA class and am very excited about it cause I have lots of experience in this field. I’ve longed in well over 800 hours through my last incarceration.
Things are slowly falling into place and I’m creating a routine I’m sticking to. I have no experience creating profiles, book reports, or journaling. However, I’ve told my story through recovery meetings and have no problem with public speaking so creating a bio could literally turn into a book soon. I’m grateful for you guys out there creating a platform to help advocate for us in here. My promise to the cause is to continue to learn these tools and develop a way I can apply them within my community. And write an entry at least once a week, either a journal entry, book report, profile, or bio information. This will help develop and allow “My best version of me to shine”