Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere-07/24/2023

Journal Entry

Monday, July 24th 2023
This morning I woke up like most days so far in my early incarceration ready to take on today’s life’s challenges. Some of those challenges are outside of my power( USP Thomson’s transition into a low-security facility, Lack of programs available, lack of access to Religious services, and available drinking water issues) All of which are outta my control.
It’s been hot outside so at the first-yard move after the main line I head outside to run at my goal of 1.5 miles and walk 2 miles in the hour. I’m new to lots of physical movement having been in a county jail for the last 11 months my body is still adjusting. I start my walk and for the last 15 minutes when I start my run. I’m sore but also I find myself pushing that run goal higher. It’s been helpful to set a low bar and when I accomplish\achieve that goal to increase it.
I head to the education before lunch to become more familiar with ways of lowering my recidivism score. By doing so will unlock the credits I can start earning to apply to my release date. All of which I have no idea what or how to work through this process. I’m finding myself becoming frustrated because I’m just starting my 150-month sentence and most of the inmates are telling me I have plenty of time to work to these goals. I know my time at this moment is worth more than they lead me to believe.
After lunch ill be working on getting placed into a position where I can start all hobby craft classes. And hope to place my first order by the 1 of August. I’m involved with the outdoor rec softball team and that also helps with fitness.
This isn’t my first incarceration but is my first time with the BOP. I’m using tools I’ve acquired along the way to coop with these new stressors. This is the first time I’ve applied my own educational abilities to further myself. I’ve never met Mike Santos personally however he is playing a role in my life’s successes. I hope someday to meet and have a conversation with him.
Long-term goals 1 Build tools I can use and develop within my network
2 complete All FSA classes
3 Return home in the shortest time possible
These goals are only reflected while incarcerated. I will continue to be the best possible me