Journal Entry: Scott Christop Dobbelaere – 07/10/2023

Journal Entry

Monday July 10 2023
i wake up for breakfast at roughly 615am. Brush my teeth, make my bed, and head out to the “chow hall”. The sun is starting to rise. Its already 70 degrees and humid its going to be a hot day. On my walk I’m thinking and reflecting on what I’m going to get done for today.
My short time goal is to lower my recidivism score. I’m currently at a medium risk. I’ll need to lower to start earning Earned time credits. I’ve enrolled my self into ACE class called Earths changing climate.
After i eat breakfast i return to my living unit to get dressed in uniform for the day. kaki pants with belt and brown tee shirt make a cup of coffee its roughly 645am. i check my emails and make a call home to famliy to say good morning and that i love them.
At 705am i leave for education to work on the ACE course. I’m enrolled in FSA classes but there’s a long wait list. until i start ill continue with these ACE course. Recall at 1030am return to unit for lunch. After lunch ill return to education. i should be able to test out of that course tomorrow. Recall at 330pm After super i set a goal to run 1 mile and walk 2 miles.
I would like very much to receive all course that you are able to provide and look forward to being a member of this community. I am motivated to be the best possible version of my self upon release. Although I’m just starting this 150 month sentence its never to early to start working on my release. My best is yet to come.

                                                                                                        Scott Dobbelaere