Journal Entry: Ryan Keith Dibley-01/27/2024

Journal Entry

When I first got incarcerated in 2018. I set an end goal of getting as many programs done as I can…
As I moved through these programs it was too easy and the basic stuff for me so I had to adjust my goals and I began to reach out to mentors and people who could lead me in the right direction and that is when I began to transform my path in prison.

My end goal ten years from now is to own a house and be making a minimum of 100k a year and contribute to society.

Well, in order to meet that goal I had to set smart goals and short-term goal.
I have obtained my BA in intercultural studies which was a free course and I sort of just used that as a confident booster. I have also obtained some VT courses, certified paralegal/legal researcher and just tons of programs in between that teach me the fundamentals of living a responsible lifestyle that leads to success.

I read a lot of good self-help books and continue to achieve my short-term goals of personal growth.

These goals are the stepping stones that I choose to take because it builds my character into the person that I am becoming, and if I did not take these small steps I would not have learned my true self and correct my behaviors that I struggled with in the past. I have to know myself and how to manage my life in order to go through adversity with a positive outcome.
I am not perfect today but I am better than I was yesterday and I strive to be the best that I can be tomorrow. I understand meaning and purpose now and I suggest everyone to take accountability for their actions and demonstrate remorse through action and being that successful person you are capable of being and if you are already making strides towards success, then keep on walking and lead the way for others.

Thank you.