Journal Entry: Romell C Stevens-02/03/2024-Hello Self.

Journal Entry

Hello Romell, this is yourself and I want to talk to you for a spell. You are now 60 years old and in prison. I remember you it seems all my life. I remember when you were such a loved and sweet little boy before you were touched and fumbled and lost your innocence. Like your favorite tree that sits in the prison yard here at FCI-CUMBERLAND, you two have so much in common. It took you a while before you realized why you were drawn to this tree among so many, but yes there it was standing strong and tall even though its trunk started out bent and crooked. The curve of it reminds you of how much adversity it must have endured in the beginning of its troubled life unlike those around him who were growing up straight tall and strong, he was blown and bent every which way the wind blew. Still, it rises. Not only did it rise but at its top now after many years of adversity it is as tall and strong as all the others in the yard. On top of that, it even supports a nest way up there snugged safe and sound in one of it may branches. I am like that tree. I can be that tree… I can take this moment to grow tall and strong.