Journal Entry: Robert Thwaites-02/20/2024-THE POINT OF VOLUNTEERING

Journal Entry


Everybody wants to volunteer because the thought of volunteering makes people feel good about themselves. Often times, what I’ve noticed is that people only want to volunteer at times that fit their schedule or for jobs that they want to do.

The difference lies in the fact that most of the time what people want to do It’s not the job that really needs done. Sometimes people need help moving boxes, sorting cans, or standing by a door.

Guarding the door at FC Kids on a Sunday morning.

As I stand here doing a volunteer job that is not my top choice, I remember that it’s not about what I want. I am here to help others and help others the way they need help not the way I want to help them.

The week before Thanksgiving our church hosted “Hope for our City” which helped give a Thanksgiving meal to members of the community that were in financial hardships. Right when it was supposed to start, a storm rolled in. It was raining. It was cold. And it was windy. Not the day you want to be standing outside for 4 hours.

Nevertheless, I put on a rain jacket and met with hundreds of cars that came through. I was able to meet with them, tell them about our church, and even pray with them over whatever was troubling them. It was my pleasure to stand out in that rain and be a vessel for God to use in that moment.

I still remember volunteering, leading up to a large conference at the church. I was told to show up at 8 AM ready to work. I thought I was going to be doing fun things related to the conference. Instead, I was packing up boxes and moving boxes from the preschool to a storage unit to be taken away. I thought the point of me volunteering leading up to this event was to help prepare for the event. It was a bit of an annoyance until I realized that I was not there to solve my needs. I was there to help however the staff needed me to help. So I took pride in my work. I packed those boxes full and moved them as quick as I could to make the most out of my time there.

There is honor in all work that you do. Even mundane tasks, such as standing by the door or putting things in boxes, one can still take pride in their work.

Rob Thwaites