Journal Entry: Robert Reyes-11/06/2023

Journal Entry

Beep, Beep, Beep, the alarm clock on my watch goes off at 5:30AM on the dot as it does every morning. I am slow to rise this morning since someone left the window open in the dorm last night. Upon arising, I go through my morning prayer and breathing exercise to set the tone for the day. First item on the list is to go through my five minutes of meditation. Meditation is something that I’ve always consistently implemented in my life and taken on and something I’ve embraced during my time here at the camp. I think about my past but more importantly, my future and place my energy through my meditation practice. Afterwards, I pick up my book and begin to read the book of the week. I’m going through about a book per week at the present time, something I’ve always wanted to do. I usually always start the day off my reading and writing some positive affirmations, things that I’m thankful for. It’s important to be thankful for the things in life, even the little things and I’m learning to really appreciate the good moments in life. We often only focus on the negative moments in life, that’s just how most humans are wired but lately, I want to focus on the good memories, it’s just better that way. I also often read a few passages from the ‘good book’, the Bible. I never knew that the bible is the ultimate self improvement book and it’s most raw form. Now it’s time to call my boys to wish them a great day at school. Their voices motivate me to go through the day giving it my 100%. I put my running shoes on and go for my morning run. On this sunny morning, I think of my future and good moments. I envision running down West Cliff in Santa Cruz shirtless, with my boys as we get sunkissed. Four miles down and what a great feeling. I shower up and get ready for the day. It’s around lunch time, ten o’ clock and I make myself some lunch. A salmon wrap with minced garlic and a dash of teriyaki glaze. Yes, we eat salmon here lol. After lunch is journal entry hour and study time. I am taking a few courses that require coursework and this is the time I get it done. It’s 11:30 AM and man do I feel productive. After my coursework, I put on my gym clothes and head to the weight pile for my second round of strength training. Another round of exercise and this time, it’s 90 degrees outside. I feel the sun hitting my skin and it feel glorious. Another shower is in order. It’s time to call my sister for my daily check in on the homefront. I head to my same spot, a heavily wooded area with a lush green grass pasture to reflect on. It’s a very peaceful and serene environment and I take this time to reflect on my past, present and future. I’m learning to burn my past to forge my future, learn from my mistakes and make them into not errors but lessons. It’s dinner time and I am going to make the usual, beef, rice and lots of veggies that I top off with minced garlic and hot sauce. It’s a protein boost and delicious. Time for work, I take my dog ‘Mana’ to the track for a 1 mile walk with loose leash exercises and ‘down’ ‘heel’ exercises. A few hours of work goes by and it’s time to call my boys to see how their day was and wish them goodnight. I am ready to settle in for the night. I typically hang around my white collar friends at this time for a few games of backgammon and talk about our families, life, world affairs, business etc. These friends I keep around are good men, successful men, family men that made a mistake and learned from it. I lay my head on my pillow, thank the Lord for another day and think about my future. Manifest my future and listen to some music. Right now, ‘Religiously’ by Bailey Zimmerman seems to be on repeat on my playlist. Another night down and another day closer to home..