Journal Entry: Robert P Irvin-10/29/2023

Journal Entry

My journey started like a lot of other incarcerated people,im sure.. low income area,drug addicted parents, and a bad school system… here i am 5 prison bids later for a total of 15+ years behind a door or wall or fence of some kind. but also more educated and ready for success. this time instead of just going home im staying home.. and belive there is soooo much of a difference. ive been reading BLUE RAGE,BLACK REDEMPTION by RIP STANLEY TOOKIE WILLIAMS. and if he can strive for change and greatness all while awaiting death then who am i to think i cant be great with a up coming out date?? self education is a must in these situations for us as incarcerated ppl to come home and stay home. if we dont want it for us then who will?????