Journal Entry: Robert P Irvin-10/25/2023

Journal Entry

as i sit in RDAP in a reeducation phase it makes me think, why??? why trade money for time when time is the only irreplaceable commodity on planet Earth or anywhere for that matter. but I’m learning and I’m listening and I’m starting to get it. one of the challenges for the last few days has asked us to remember a time where we were unprepared. well the time I feel I was most unprepared was everyday of my life so far until recently. I wasn’t prepared to be a father a citizen and member of my community that was an asset instead of a liability. it sucks that it took this to make me feel prepared but I got it now… someone once asked me “Are u ready to go home?” and ignorantly I answered yes. but here I am 4 prison numbers later and I’m just getting what he was saying he wasn’t asking was it TIME TO GO… cuz yeah it was time but I wasn’t ready or I wouldn’t’ve kept coming back… today I can honestly say I’m ready… until next time…’

Robert Irvin