Journal Entry: Robert Jesenik-04/27/2024-Journal #16

Journal Entry

Sunday 4/21

Well another week begins, seems like days can go slowly, but weeks clip by. Wonder why that is?

As I think about the upcoming week, I will have a couple follow-up items like the medical team on my letter, chasing my case manager on that as well, and getting feedback on our proposed curriculum for the class we want to teach. Otherwise its a vacation week so to speak:) Other than working out daily, my main plan will be to email all my friends and catchup a bit. I’ve been able to call everyone now, so its more about staying in touch between calls.

Turns out the guy next to our cell is quite the graphics guy, so he is making me a birthday card for my daughter in law. Hopefully it turns out well and I can surprise her with a real card as opposed to a note book page with a note wishing her a happy birthday! If this works, then I’ll have a routine for everyone else as well. Another guy on my row makes earrings 24/7, sells online for $30, but for inmates( who are white:)) $6 of stuff like peanut butter from commissary. Hope she likes them! Its kind of interesting how inmates find all these little ways to get stuff done, that’s for sure:)

My brother and sister in law sent me a bunch more of the Mitch Rapp CIA series, which I’m so appreciative for. I’ve read quite a few authors, but these are the best ever to me!

Today started out with so much promise, and then all of a sudden we weren’t allowed outside 7-9 am and not allowed to go to the library or gym. Turns out last night guards saw a drone over the Yard trying to do a drug drop apparently. So we’re shut down today, to at least Monday like last time, and maybe beyond. Ughhh… and today was a perfect 74 and no wind!

At least had a good church service, interesting they allowed us to have it:) Guess its TV/NBA or reading from 3:30- 10. Again.

Monday 4/22

There’s always something disheartening when you get up at 6 and the computers are down as well as the phones. Just creates a kink in the plans and one less thing to do, let alonebeing stuck in the unit.

All we can do is write on paper and prep for email, which I did for my last legal email, or read. I ended up reading my roommates appeal and government response and 9th circuit ruling as a favor. Unfortunately for him, 9th Circuit didn’t go his way on 3 judges, so now he’s trying to get the whole panel to review, called Enbanc hearing.. The case law seemed rational to me, but sometimes even a real technicality just isn’t a priority for certain judges when they see guilt otherwise is my read(and his attorney).

Went to education and met with the head of classes/curriculum today. She approved our curriculum and recommend it to the Director, so hopefully by Wednesday we can have approval and go the next steps.

Finally at 3 today email and phones came on. Rumor has it the prison was scanning the databases and recordings to see if anything there related to the drone drop Sunday that shut us all down. Some of these guys just can’t help themselves, its all they know. So annoying….

Off to a good workout at 6, and then a little NBA if close and reading!

Tuesday 4/23

Solid morning from 6 am till lunch at 11. Got my final legal email finalized, one more proof read in the morning tomorrow with fresh eyes and then done!

Heading outside now at 12:30 for an hour to stroll around the track, as I have to come in and meet with my case manager at 2-3 on my medical letter,fingers crossed!

Decent session with my case manager today- he stated the reason the head of medical hadn’t responded to my letter yet is he was pulled into SFO where they are shutting down the woman’s prison, but should be back this week. We’ll see.

Finished with a beautiful evening workout and reading. The sunset from the track was gorgeous, its like I see all this beauty that God created and its so clear only He could have done so. Then I think about my 3 layers of barbed fence and all the ugliness going on in this world, and how does even He reconcile all this? I definitely wonder about the inconsistency myself on my evening power walks that’s for sure, and have yet to come up with an answer. Definitely one of my questions when I get to heaven, rest assured!

Fortunately, other than the freezing nights, I find that I sleep pretty well which is a blessing for sure!

Wednesday 4/24

Weather continues to be amazing- 64, low 50, June gloom in the morning, sunny afternoon and evenings. Light winds which really help compared to the sometimes 15-20 mph winds when warmer. Been a busy start to the week, but now I’m emailing my last legal memo today so officially vacation begins:) Derek finished his 9th circuit filing yesterday as well so together we can focus on our approval for teaching class today and start on our book as well. That plus emails to friends and workouts should fill the day:)

Of course, we had to have an hour lockdown at 7:30 am for something just to mess up the schedule a bit:) Guess someone got into a fight in another unit! And at noon another lockdown for 30 minutes, and then stuck in unit till dinner. Turns out a maintenance guy left a door open in the basement and the guards were worried someone escaped! At least Derek and i connected on my legal emails one last time and discussed our book. Time for chow as they call it here:) Probably a compliment for me to call it that….

Just finished a great 1:15 power walk/calisthenics in the Yard, weather was grey but comfortable.

Thursday 4/25

Woke up and finalized my last 2 legal emails and fired off and its only 7:15! Have to admit, based on all my research and time these past 6-7 weeks, my legal team has been on top of the issues we need to address. Based on the case law I’ve seen, I can’t believe the Appeals court Justices won’t see the roadblocks we’ve had by the Judges ruling in so many ways.

Been watching the Supreme court argue the Trump immunity issue, fascinating and enlightening to hear the questions the Justices are asking. Seems almost surreal that everything on TV has Trump and some lawsuit update!

Time to head to my cell for count and quiet time reading. Then off outside 9-10, before lunch and then library 12-2 with Derek and a meeting with the Director to finalize details on curriculum and our class. We’ll also work on table of contents on our book so we can get moving. Ughh, no Director meeting as he is still out for the week….

Friday 4/26

Solid day in the library, 7:30-10 and 12-2. Some of the time was on the book table of contents, and some on case law. Can’t help myself as my head is cranking still on it. A fellow inmate from So Cal who is appealing told me of a couple cases on reducing sentences based on intended loss vs. actual loss and lowering the time. More to come on that.

After dinner went outside, that was a big mistake. Wind was blowing and cool, but I was able to stay warm for 30 minutes until the guard shutdown the track early, so weights only. On the track, I had noticed an inmate who had gotten beat up and was bleeding profusely and couldn’t get up. After a couple laps he was gone and so I figured he went inside for treatment. Wrong! When the track was closed, he came straggling down toward the exit, and the guard saw him and he collapsed again. 30 minutes later 4 guards finally took him away on a gurney and then went into their mode. For the next hour, standing in the freezing wind, they took unit by unit inside one at a time, searched hands for fighting scratches, ID’d everyone,and then we came in. Of course with my luck we were the last unit.

Once inside I learned he was a sexual offender and had been a snitch at trial, somehow some folks found out. Guaranteed the last thing you want to be is either one, and then lie about it. What I don’t understand is if 40% of both buildings are a sexual offender, why BOP doesn’t combine them together into one, away from the rest of us. I’m sure they would prefer it as would the rest of us. Oh well, must be a good reason….

Saturday 4/27

I volunteered to help my roommate prepare an Appeal to the 9th circuit. After a 3 judge panel rules, you can try and get the whole panel of judges to hear it. So we’re preparing an “enbanc” filing to try and accomplish that. Kind of interesting, as there are 2 criteria to be accepted potentially-

1) 9th circuit isn’t consistent with other circuits

2) Material question to consider- this is a tough one as you can’t really argue the prior 3 judges were wrong, need something fundamental

After lunch one of the guys wanted to walk the track and pick my brain on business stuff. He’s been in prison 10 times over 31 years, but one of the nicest guys you’d meet in terms of values and thoughtfulness/consideration. First he showed me how we can get our picture taken outside, and then we walked for 90 minutes. He has a brilliant idea for a business when he gets out as well.

Time for lockdown at 3:30, dinner at 5:30 and movie at 6:30. Still too damn windy to go out tonight again. But hopefully tomorrow is better!

Praying for Liberty and Freedom, and to see my Family and Friends soon! BJ