Journal Entry: Robert Jesenik-03/16/2024-Journal #10

Journal Entry

Sunday 3/10/24

Well we finally had a somewhat typical day schedule wise. Only problem was we had out phone/email/internet down for 24 hours till 2 pm today. Weekends are already boring enough….. But the weather was good, so got out 11-1 and then 6-7:30 so I could miss the Oscars:)

One thing about prison, its really hard to get things done on the outside. No internet plus our Corrlinks email platform is so limited. On top of that, as well meaning as friends are, if they don’t check their Corrlinks email,they don’t know whether I sent an email nor respond. Can’t necessarily blame anyone, who needs one more thing to check? But it definitely makes things harder.

Reading an interesting book by Eric Larson called “”In the Garden of Beasts””. Basically a novel based /set on 1932-37 and based on the diary of our US Ambassador to Berlin at the time- Mr.. Dodd and other diaries/biographies from that time. Dodd was a University of Chicago professor, and documented very candid stories of his interactions with Hitler, SS and Gestapo, and his futile attempt to get the US and France to head off Hitler before WW II. Like most history, it tends to repeat itself. 1932-33 seems eerily familiar to the US in 2023 with Oct 7 and the recent up rise in Jewish anti semitism, and not just in Germany, but the US and internationally as well.

Monday 3/11/24

This morning began normally until our census count at 8, and then went downhill from there. At 9 tried to make a call when we got out, and there were 9 Mexican’s ahead of me(over 1.5 hour wait), so I thought I’d go get a shower while waiting. Oh no, they argued the rule is to wait in line of lose your spot. Doesn’t matter if they don’t enforce with each other when you have 180 of them and 8 of us. Not sure enraged with the hypocrisy or being discriminated against. But with last week’s stabbing next door over phones, its not worth it that’s for sure:)

So off to shower and of course no hot water! So bagged it, changed into my khaki’s so I could go to lunch and library at noon. Of course I had a supposed lab test appointment, so went after lunch 4 hours late because the printout for labs didn’t come out till 10 am instead of the night before like it should.Boy the nurse had an attitude, accusing me of sleeping in, and turns out I didn’t even have a lab! The sheet we had was wrong:)

I found myself angry and frustrated with everyone after all that, guess between feeling discriminated, the hypocrisy, an the incompetence of prison bureaucracy. Finally I came around to the good Lord just reminding me to chill, HE isn’t upset nor should I be!

Things finally settled down after that, had a great call with my girlfriend/partner which helped. Now preparing for my legal team call Wednesday which I’m looking forward to. With my maintenance job starting today technically, my main challenge time wise will shift to getting my doctor’s letter delivered so I can chase a decision on treatment, and trying to get a class launched in April. Should simplify things going forward and give me more time to email with friends!

Tuesday 3/12/24

Woke up today at peace with the world, also knowing its commissary day:) All of us have been out of groceries as we didn’t have commissary last week. Its amazing what $90 of groceries can do to make everything right with the world!

Looking at yesterday, it seems so trivial to get so worked up with all the little things that happen every day, but if I don’t watch it, prison can do that to you. Its not one little thing, its the cumulative effect. For some reason after praying hard about it last night and this morning,today everything seems to be running off my back and not bothering me. I need to keep that up:)

On the good news front,I got an email today that my lead prosecutor has resigned, and will be going to Boeing, given all their legal issues is my guess. Won’t change my process, but he seemed extra rigid, so hopefully that goes away as we go thru other appeal and trial related issues.

Wednesday 3/13/24

Good day overall. Had a good call with the legal team, they are in high gear now. Shouldn’t take too much of my time but we’ll see what questions they come up with.

Next up was meeting Ms. Gordon in the Education Dept. She is one of the folks here at Lompoc everyone seems to go to as she gets stuff done. Also oversees teachers/curriculum for classes and the inmate who we deal with coordinating these classes. Since he said there would be no new curriculum for classes approved till October, Derek and I decided to approach her about classes we want to teach. In my case, its Planning for Success after Prison, put together by the firm that has been helping me, Prison Professors. All I would have to do is teach from the work book. She seemed to like it but is leaving for 2 weeks training so won’t get back to me till the 1st of April. Guess I’ll sit tight till then. Derek suggested I also approach the Reentry Dept.. where they deal with folks who are 12 months and less from leaving as they should want this as well. He is chatting with someone he knows in there and hopefully gets that teed up.

Finally, as the Yard is supposedly shut down due to construction, I confirmed with my guard that it was so decided to go back to library to get away from this noise bucket called a Unit:) Of course, walking to the library we walk past the Yard/Gym exit and it was open to the outside. So I asked that guard there and he confirmed we can go outside, so I did a hard right and got a nice workout in. Lucky for once!!

Thursday 3/14/24

Finally hitting our good weather streak, just too bad we won’t be outside till the weekend. Unless I get lucky again:)

Today I’m getting all my legal follow-up done, and trying to push through visitor approval forms for my Florida kids to be able to visit in 10 days. Nothing is easy in prison that’s for sure!

Getting some phone calls into my friends finally which is always fun and special to catchup. BeforeI start any multi day projects, I’m going to be emailing friends as well. For the most part, I don’t have any time critical items right now. Just trying to keep things moving along, hurry up and wait…..

Friday 3/15/24

Today was one of those good days without many noteworthy hiccups. Powered on legal writeup and emails till 11, missed lunch as I was on a call(just as well!), and library from 12-3. Really digging into legal research and case law for my legal team, giving help whether they need it or not!

After lockdown (3:30-5), missed dinner as on phone again(just as well as my roommate ate 2 bites and threw the rest away) so I had a bowl of my tuna and saltines. Pure protein, perfect!!

Outside 6:30-7:30, great workout with a beautiful sunset. I’m really enjoying these evening workouts, and I sleep even better than I normally do:) Reading 8-10, cell closed, lights out. Nice to not have an eventful/annoying day for once!

Excited for Saturday as my longtime girlfriend and her sister are driving up for the day. Perfect way to spend the day!

Saturday 3/16/24

Great morning as my girlfriend/partner and her sister visited. Always flies by in 4 hours and always hard to say good bye knowing how things were and not knowing how long until they will be again. 2-3 my friend Derek and I went outside to the Yard to discuss an idea he has and wants my involvement. He asked me if I’d contribute/partner on an education book for prisoners he wants to write. Sort of a modern version of which schools to get a AA or 4 year or Masters degree and how to pay for it plus a whole host of suggestions for post release planning to use their education once they are out. More to come on that front!

Rest of the day was pretty straightforward- talked to the kids in Florida, got outside 6:30-7:30 pm and skipped the movie, read a sample of an education book Derek has, and lights out!

Praying for Liberty and Freedom and to see my family and friends soon! BJ