Journal Entry: Robert Jesenik-03/09/2024-Journal #9

Journal Entry

Sunday 3/3

Nice way to start the week with my daughters and boyfriend visiting today! Makes the day so much more enjoyable with visits, especially them!

Should be a busy start to the week:

* start my maintenance job- $22/month:)
* take a tutor class so I can teach a class
* move cells so I can have an electrical outlet for my hearing aid charger
* Health Service Administrator should receive my required treatment letter

Weather should be high 50’s and clear all week, which is mild as long as not too much wind and nights stay in 50’s as well.
Since I was with visitors during outdoor yard time, I decided to skip dinner and go to the yard from 5-6. What a great call! Sunny, not too cold, and only 6 guys out there, had all the weights to myself, perfect!

Monday 3/4

Started the day at 7:30 in education taking a 2 hour class on how to be a teacher/tutor. Prison is very bureaucratic, even in getting set up to teach class. But at least now I know what’s required. I basically have the month of March to prepare for April classes, and see if my proposed curriculum gets approved.

Wow, didn’t expect this, but at noon we went into lockdown, no reason given. Next thing we knew it was 6 pm and then 10 pm, lights out. That was special. Good thing I had a David Baldacci Mystery thriller left to read. Highlight of the afternoon was watching my roomie take 30 feet of dental floss like a string, tie one end to the bunk post and tie another to a small battery. He flung 10 years across the balcony to another cell where they were making beef and cheese quesadillas, but couldn’t deliver them. We were the only ones to get delivery and they were hot and tasty:)

Tuesday 3/5

Woke up to lockdown at 6 am again. Lasted till 12, so all we did was sit and read. They finally let us out at noon to get box lunches and eat in our unit. At least we’re out of our 7 X9 cell can use the phones, email, and watch TV. Rumor has it this might last a couple days, hope not!

Well I’m out of books as I couldn’t get to the library in time, so reading Born Again by Chuck Colson as I want to do a really thorough book review on that book. With all this down time been doing a lot of reading, including my daily devotional, Bible, and Purpose Driven Life. The devotional isn’t Calling Jesus like I have at home, rather it’s a men’s devotional organized by topics, such as Understanding God, Godly Children, Honor your Wife and Family, and Pride of Man. So I read a topic each day, even if it covers a week or two of daily verses. It is a nice way to go deep into a topic. Day 8 of Purpose Driven Life hit me right between the eyes for some reason today. Really about God’s purpose for each of us, which is quite clear and stated very well- worship God, keep Him in mind, in everything we do, as HE created us for exactly that. In effect, not sing, rather praise, make him happy, joyful even proud, given that’s why He created each and everyone of us. Helped me simplify my search for His will for me in prison, especially if you apply Worship to everything you do. Amen! after watching the news this morning, seems the world could use a lot more people doing just that!

Wednesday 3/6

Well, we went from a normal start at 6 am, expecting commissary at 6:45 am to commissary being shutdown all week due to illness. I’m just thankful another week has gone by without being sick, 2 weeks in a row!! Hope this doesn’t jinx me:)

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that are exciting, like scoring coffee filters in prison, almost impossible to do:) Well, after 9 weeks of trying at commissary, my friend Derek mentioned someone gave him some, so I asked for a few. I’ve now had 2 real cups of coffee, my first since Jan 4th!!

Feel like I’m making good progress on laying out thoughts for my blog series on BOP issues/reforms needed. My friend Derek and I are reviewing tomorrow, outside hopefully as our weather should be getting pretty good next 10 days!

Thursday 3/7

Today was just one of those “normal” days. 6-11 writing, email, writing, email, caught up a lot after these past few crazy days with lockdowns etc…… Unfortunately, the Yard was flooded from Wednesday, or so we’re told,so no workout today. Ended up skipping the movie to watch the ” State of the Union”. What a waste. The hypocrisy by so many of our country’s leaders is so disheartening, especially when viewing from prison!

Friday 3/8

Woke up to a gorgeous beautiful day. Nicest of the year so far! Only to find out the Yard/outside is closed again.

We knew something was up at noon when they had us a box lunch and dinner(PBJ sandwich for dinner) to bring back to our cell. Sure enough ended up in the unit will 3:30, in lockdown in cell from 3:30-6:30, and then back in unit till 9:30 and lockdown for the night. I’ve found this lack of communication with inmates about the schedule and even “why” is one of the most annoying things in prison. One goes from thinking they can go to the library to just being caged, not a great way to rehab the low security guys in my view. Definitely frustrating for no reason other than they can.

On a positive front, Derek and I spent some time on his BOP legal stuff, as I’m helping him find an attorney in Portland. He’s helping me with my stuff as well. Together we have a mutual desire to help share how BOP can make itself more effective, and are working on ideas how to share them. Stay tuned!

Well we got an email from the Warden thanking us for our assistance during this weeks inspections. Apparently we passed:) What a week of disruption…… Turns out our Yard isn’t flooded as we also got an email stating they are doing construction out there 8-4 weekdays, so will be closed during the day. But at least we get weekends and evenings, thank the Lord for Daylight Savings kicking in!! Guess I better redo my daily schedule once again:)

Saturday 3/9

Weekend schedule, which means extra lockdown 9:30-11. Went outside 8-9, but was quite chilly! Turns out sometimes it’s good to reread books as I’m doing with Born Again. Getting excited to do my book report this next week.

Ended up going outside with Derek from 1-3, nice afternoon though a bit windy. It’s amazing how 2 hours zip by when we chat. Really getting to know him, his family and vice versa, really the first person here I respect and trust to this level.

Purpose Driven Life is really getting meaty, talking about surrender and being friends with God. Rick Warren has such an easy style to his writing and combined with worshipping God, these past few sections have really been impactful for me once again.

Finished the evening with a movie, the latest Indiana Jones flick. Gotta give Harrison Ford credit for how well he’s taking care of himself at almost 80, digital touchups or not:)

Praying for Freedom and to see my Family and Friends soon! BJ