Journal Entry: Richard Walker-08/03/2023-Book Reports

Journal Entry

I spent August 1 – 3 reading Michael’s book Earning Freedom.  The book is fantastic – giving me emotions that are uplifting, intriguing, motivating, insightful, frustrating, and more.  Motivating in the sense that we need to know we can accomplish what we seek no matter the road blocks.  Frustrating in the sense that the BOP and some staff are nothing more than roadblocks to future success.  While my 27 months is less than 10% of what Michael served and covers almost 4 decades prior to my incarceration it is amazing to read of similar experiences that are positive and negative.  Positive in that I know what I want to do moving forward, and can honestly say I worked hard to change my circumstances.  Negative in the sense that some things haven’t changed in 40 years inside the BOP.  

In the coming days I am going to begin writing book reports – starting with Earning Freedom.  I also have caught up with my journal entries, starting my entries on July 19, 2023 and getting current with this one August 3, 2023.  

I’m sharing these entries with Michael tonight, and will be looking forward to speaking with him on our next steps.