Journal Entry: Richard Walker-07/30/2023-Release Plan

Journal Entry

I can’t stop brainstorming and reflecting on everything from my indictment, sentencing, prison time, release, and present day.  I am finishing my Biography and Iterative Release Plan.  As I continue through the release plan, I am seeing the immediate value in documenting my prison experience – I wish I would have done more to keep all of my activities documented.  During my time I kept some notes, mailed everything to my wife to save, made sure to stay productive – but I didn’t write about books I’ve read, why I read them, what I learned, programs, etc.  I’m making a list of books I read and plan to write reports on them to add to my profile and I am excited to document my future experiences with journal entries. 

My process is probably going to be different than others – I didn’t have these resources while in prison, didn’t learn the process being taught, and I’m reflecting back on my experiences and recreating the “process” I used.  

I finished my Biography and Release Plan and have sent it to Michael to read.  I hear back within minutes and we have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow.