Journal Entry: Richard J Timothy Barkema

Journal Entry

This morning I am trying to figure out how I am still in prison with over 500 days of First Step Act time credits earned towards my early release from prison but I am somehow not able to cash them in and not have them applied to my early release like they were intended to do.

I am making the best of my time in prison, I still study for my Masters Electrical license and pray that somehow Yankton Federal Prison Camp will somehow be able to get me a ride to New Ulm Minnesota to take the test at some point I was told that it was to far for them to facilitate the last time that I asked but I still have hope for some reason that it will happen it is 3.5 hours away from here and it is a five and a half hour test so that is 12 hours for the entire process.

Wish me luck.

I also just recently started working in the community doing volunteer work for a place that is like the Chamber of Commerce in Yankton this is a nice change of pace and it gives me an opportunity to be around non prison people for a change.