Journal Entry: Phillip Wasserman-02/21/2024-Writing number1

Journal Entry

Phil’s Story: Letters from Prison

Welcome to my blog and new newsletter. In it, I’ll be recounting the journey of how I got here in the first place: my 40+ years of fighting the government on behalf of the downtrodden and myself, and what it’s like to be inside, waiting on my appeal.

I’m due to surrender on Friday in two days, obviously, my family is extremely upset. I’m trying to be stoic. When I met with my therapist today, she advised me that the best way to deal with this is to set a purpose. My purpose in life before this was always to help the most people I could, and that will be my purpose going forward. I’m gonna share with you a story that seems so hard to believe you would swear it was made up for a movie: from fighting with the mafia to fighting with the government to being framed, and all the things I’ve witnessed in between. At the very least, it will be a damn interesting read.
But I do want to tell you this while I’m inside, whether it’s a month while I’m waiting for the Court of Appeals to approve my bond pending appeal, or 18 months while I’m waiting for my appeal, or 10 years while I’m waiting to serve out my sentence, I will be doing everything I can to help the most people I can.
The best part of this for you, the reader, is the fact that you’re gonna get it through the viewpoint of a former high-profile criminal defense attorney who kept hundreds of people out of jail and now finds himself on the other side of the glass. I’ll also talk about and show you the American justice system.
While I’m in, I’m not gonna blame the guards, I’m not gonna blame the rules, I’m not gonna blame the warden. These are people just doing their jobs, and I think some of their jobs are probably hard. But I am going to talk about how injustice pervades every aspect of American society and put it in perspective when you understand it from a historical viewpoint.

By the way, even though I am 1000% innocent of what they accused me of, my guilt and innocence will not be the subject of these writings. For you, the reader, I hope to educate you, entertain you, and stir you to a cause of action to help fight injustice in America, whether someone’s poor, black, brown, green, or whatever. Let’s put it in perspective that when every human being is cut, we all bleed red. Some of you won’t like some of the things I stand for and say, but that’s the beauty of America; we all have freedom of speech, we have the right to disagree.

I could tell you I think that you’ll find I’m one of the smartest people you’ve ever read, but a lot of you will say , if you were so damn smart, how did you end up where you are, and you would have a great point. I’ll share with you people who are inspirational, who I believe will help me get through this.

I don’t want to tell you that I’m not concerned because I’m 67 years old and I could be in for quite a while. I don’t want to tell you that I’m not angry; I’m angry at the system, but I’ve always been angry at the system. But here’s what I hope for: that if you continually read my blog and newsletter, you’ll learn and get a different perspective, you’ll become more empathetic to people, you’ll be more understanding. I’ll do the best I can to present a fully transparent story.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate if you would refer other people, because only through action can we fix the injustice in America. I’m not talking about my injustice; I’m talking about the injustice overall.