Journal Entry: Peter J Haslinger-06/28/2023

Journal Entry

As you see I had to stop yesterday early on my journal entry because I had a call out to attend a motivational speaker seminar.

Former inmate here at Milan he Either started or is a representive of Second Chance Nation. I had a very hard time keeping up with the speech. There is no sign language interpreters here so i had to do the best i could with my lip reading skills. I made sure I sat in the very front row, but as with any speaker they like to move around so anytime the speaker’s back would be turned to me I would not be able to read his lips. I did not and refuse to let this hold me back I will find another person here who was at this call out and see if I can get the answers that I need.

From what I did get from the speech was he was a former inmate here who graduated from Jackson College. Worked at Unicor and took advantage of all the programs they have to offer here at Milan FCI. I left this seminar full of hope and a strong desire to stick to the release plan that I have laid out for myself before I self surrendered.

Just to clarify as to what a “call out” is. It is the same as a “pass” or appointment to be somewhere within the institution. There is a paper that they post in the day room everyday and you check it to see if you name is on it. This is a communication channel that the Institution uses to let inmates know when they have an appointment.

So to pick up where I left off of yesterday. I went through the normal procedure of going through R&D. After that i was moved to the S.H.U. which is the same thing as the hole. My last prison stint I left from there from the hole and this time I start from the hole. But I was not in there for any type of disciplinary reason. This is the procedure for how they do intake here and had to wait for a bed to open up.

I found my way to religious services and am now signing up for a Bible study mail correspondence class. I am excited about this one of my goals is to get to know God and Jesus better I plan on spending a lot of time studying my religion.