Journal Entry: Nicole Warren-01/10/2024

Journal Entry

I would like to mention a little about the community I live in here at FSL Danbury. We are a unique facility here. This entire facility is dedicated to programming. We have FIT/RDAP here and everyone in the unit is either currently participating in FIT/RDAP or is waiting to start the program or has recently finished the program and is either a mentor for the program or taking HVAC or YALE classes. There is an AMAZING staff here at Danbury and that means a lot coming from me since this is my 3rd prison since my incarceration. I was in Aliceville, Alabama first and then I was sent to Hazelton, WV to take RDAP and was in the RDAP program in Hazelton when the program was shut down and a large chunk of us were sent here to complete our programming. I have never seen anything like this place. We have a Wonderful Warden (Warden Stover) and all the executive staff are involved, respectful and dedicated to this place top-notch. The psychology staff is OUTSTANDING here and so is the Education department. Even recently they started the Yale program and professors come in and teach the students just like they were at campus and attending classes. I’m saying all this because I believe that this place would be very open to trying new things such as Preparing for Success after prison, or allowing someone like Michael Santos to come and speak to the community about his success and sharing his story. I fully believe in Prison Professors advocacy and I believe that it is crucial upon our release to be as proactive and prepared as humanly possible. With that, comes dedication and most of all knowledge and resources. Who better to offer insight to that then someone like Michael who has overcome and made something great for himself and the people who have come after him.

Thank you for your time and generosity and most of all, all the great things all of you are doing out there.