Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-12/24/2023

Journal Entry

My last Christmas in prison. We are celebrating in my unit, a possible last Christmas for many of us this weekend. I have held fast to my goals. I am determined to become my best possible self, and I can only do that if I remain sober. With sobriety, everything else falls into place. I am finishing up my last two videos for my third module of Greenhouse Structures for my VT Horticulture Greenhouse Specialist certification. My goal remains to complete this certification by May 2024. My next Module will be Plant Propagation. Work hours for Horticulture have been slow for the last month due to the winter season. I expect it to remain this way until spring. Regardless I am still close to completing my live hours, I am 20 hours shy of my 600-hour requirement.

RDAP is going well, I am finding my voice. I am now chair of a service committee and a “Big” in the community. A “Big” is a mentor role and I am proud of how far I have come to get to where I am at today

It’s time for church so that’s all I have Merry Christmas