Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-09/22/2023

Journal Entry

I’ve been thinking a lot of who I want to be close to me once I am out. It is crucial for my sobriety to seriously start over. I’m cutting out every single person I considered a friend before prison. There is not a single person I knew before doing time that I can allow in my life afterward. Family is all there is. I would seriously like to re-kindle the relationship between my Father and I real soon. I am anticipating calling him.

Over the last two weeks, I have completed the book The Grand Biocentric Design by Robert Lanza. (Goal #1)
I will be starting the book report on Monday.

I have accumulated 24 live hours of VT Horticulture. (Goal #2) I will take exam 1 for Greenhouse Structures next week.

I have been working on my RDAP program with my full attention and with an open mind. (goal #3) I have completed my first month (of 3 months) of the orientation phase.

I have completed 6 cardio step classes and 2 hit classes since my last journal. (Goal #4)

I am committing to attend at least 2 breathing and meditation classes a week to support a healthy mindset. This will be a new goal #5.