Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-08/25/2023

Journal Entry

What a wonderful week I’ve had! I have received the best possible outcome that I was hoping for…I have started RDAP (Goal #3) I am extending this goal further to completion of RDAP by June 2024. I am actively programming and aspiring towards 4 goals currently. I am in RDAP (Goal #3), VT Horticulture (Goal #2), Step Class (Goal #4), and also writing book reports on educational and inspirational books that I am reading. (Goal #1)

Today I would like to post my gratitude list:

-My Sobriety (2 years, 10 months)
-RDAP Program
-VT Horticulture Greenhouse Specialist
-My health
-My support system (mom and son)
-My higher power whom I choose to call God
-Hope in a better future