Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-08/18/2023

Journal Entry

This week has been all about progress and change. I currently have a lot of excitement and anxiety about possibly starting RDAP, I am trying to simultaneously keep my hopes up while also preparing for the possibility that it may not happen. The list will be posted today for the upcoming phase. *fingers crossed* If I start I’m grateful and ready if I don’t start guess what…I’m still grateful and still ready. (Goal #3)

In VT Horticulture I have advanced 24 live hours this week. Changes are coming, our glass greenhouse is coming down so we had to move all shelves and plants to our other two greenhouses. I have been reassigned from glass to fern greenhouse. I have also started on a new module, Greenhouse Structures. (Goal #2) After overlooking my two new textbooks, I see I am going to be doing a lot of grafting and blueprints.

I am about two-thirds of the way done with my book Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen. (Goal #1) It has become a part of my mandatory routine to take in new information from her book each evening. It has helped me cast my worries out immensely and I am grateful for it.

I have attended both step classes for the week with a third session coming up on Saturday. (Goal #4) It feels amazing afterward. I return to my unit sweaty and overall accomplished.