Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-08/02/21023

Journal Entry

This week my boss is on vacation, so I am not banking live hours for Horticulture, But I did have an excellent day.

RDAP morning meeting taught me an important lesson on being punctual. Afterward, I figured since I have this day free, I decided to go to the media center to watch a movie. It turned out that one of my headphones stopped working, so I was forced to turn toward the large TV. To my surprise, I stayed for two hours learning about astronomy and God with Louis Giglio. Two major interests in one video? Count me in! I received an inspiring message about having hope and finding peace in my darkest hour. Just think if I would have had working headphones, I would have missed the message. I loved it.

This evening I read chapters 2 and 3 from Get Out of Your Head, the next book I am writing a book report on. (Goal #1) I have also been inching my way through the book of Samuel.