Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-07/29/2023

Journal Entry

The day the judge sentenced me I thought I learned my lesson, I felt that after 9 months I deserved to return to my family. I was wrong. Had I been granted time served, I would never have gained all the skills and information I have today. I have learned customer service communication skills from working at Unicor Telemarketing California Marketing Group (November 2021-October 2022 FCI Dublin) These skills will help with my job search and resume, and possibly open doors for me in the future. I have gained college experience in Las Positas Community College classes I took at FCI Dublin. Although I was unable to complete it due to prison transfer, I still gained useful knowledge in the American Literature and theatre classes I took. Moving forward, I am acquiring additional tools and skills everyday here at FCI Waseca. I know I am active in my journey to be the best version of myself possible.